2022 NYC Marathon -- Shimon Horwitz

2022 NYC Marathon -- Shimon Horwitz

Hi everyone, Shimon here. Thank you for considering donating. Every dollar goes directly to saving lives. While Sharsheret’s expertise is in young women and Jewish families as related to breast cancer and ovarian cancer, the non profit serves all women and men. (continue reading below)

Bad things happen to good people every single day. This is the reality of our beautiful lives on this earth, despite how horrible and heart-wrenching tragedies can be. The question is not if, but when tough times come, how will we react.

The women in my life who have fought and are fighting breast cancer teach me, and all of us, about the true manifestation of resiliency. They teach us about what it means to absorb impact, to lead, to draw strength from within, and how to spread light when there seems to only be darkness. 

Your donation enables these battles-- and I am proud to dedicate my time and effort to run this race in honor of their fight.

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Shimon Horwitz
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